Gaming At The Library

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The Library offers many opportunities for gaming that include both video games and tabletop games. Gaming provides numerous benefits for players that include critical thinking skills, vocabulary building, social interaction, and is a great deal of fun!

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pirate gameGame play has many benefits beyond just fun and entertainment. James Paul Gee, author of What Video Games Have to Teach Us about Learning and Literacy, notes that games foster 36 learning principles essential to education. Library Journal has recognized the importance of gaming by having a regular column in its print magazine, as well as regular articles on its site at, Games, Gamers, and Gaming. Above all else, as the American Library Association explains, gaming and literacy (of all kinds, from reading skills to digital literacy), are inseparably connected.


Video games at the library also provides patrons with a first hand look at the ever growing and advancing technologies.  Comparing retro games with their modern counterparts visually shows the differences and growth in just one lifetime.

"Video games have been a highly debatable topic over the last decade or so. Concerns arose over violent video games and the idea that they might encourage negative behaviors and make players more aggressive. There is much still to debate, but some research has shown that those claims are not true. Research has also shown that video games can have a variety of positive effects on gamers of all ages.

Playing video games requires high level thinking and hand-eye coordination skills. Playing games exercises these skills and gives your brain a workout. Some of these skills are not taught in school."

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